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You'll want to know more about T.L. Johnson Fly Rods

Until I have a full report on all his new products, you will just have to wait for my complete Product Review on T.L. Johnson Rods and his new Reel. But for now, here is what's being said about Terry on-line. PAULRITTEN wrote: "Just picked up a new TL Johnson rod and figured that I don't see many reviews of these that I'd add mine... Anyway, I took it up to the mountains this weekend in search of trout.... The rod is a new one, but is the old style (green blank). I have no idea if the new colored blanks coming out have a different action
Admittedly, I prefer newer glass rods to the classic Fenwicks, Silaflex's, etc that have so many benefactors, so please keep that in mind. I find the classic rods to be a bit "thick" and this rod is definately not that. This rod is fast! Quite a bit faster than my Diamondglass 8' 4 weight (my favorite of the line) or or event the 6' 5 weight. I'd actually put it up there with my Winston WT graphite rods. In other words, exactly what I was looking for image
I had the rod strung up with a TT4 line and was able to cast amazing distances although it load as closely as the Diamondglass 4 weight. Still, the area I was fishing is just covered with little pools (20 - 30' long) followed by a small drop-off to the next pool. I was easily able to stand in the middle of one pool and work the next pool back to front even into a Rocky Mountain wind.
There were numerous little brookies and cutts that were about the length of my hand and the rod certainly did give some "life" to those fish, but was in no way overpowered by the 14" brookie either.
In my mind, this rod is perfect for the mountain west - short, powerful, able to cast quite a distance, and able to handle wind. If you prefer a rod that loads more quickly, this probably isn't it (maybe uplining it would work?) - but for out here in Colorado I think it is my new go-to rod."
swampsavage wrote: "I have one on the way... looking forward to receiving it. The reviews have been great and it may well be my "go to" rod for Appalachian blue line streams. Got plenty of 4, 5, and 6wt lines (WF and DT) to try out on it. Hope to be giving reports from the Cherokee Nat'l Forest and Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park next year, God willing." Pocono wrote: "I'm considering purchasing an 8'0" Synergy SG rod from Terry Johnson. Conceptually, I like the idea of using graphite in the butt section to give it a little more power and to keep the blank profile thinner. Does anyone have any experience with this rod/blank? If so, I'd appreciate hearing from you before I go ahead and make the purchase."
gearboy wrote "Pocono, Check the post by PaulRitten in Fishing with Fiberglass about a TL rod. I've only ever heard great things about any of his rods. They don't get mentioned much here and not sure why."
Pocono wrote "Thanks for the feedback. When I talked to Terry he said that he was making the Synergy SG with E glass, not S glass. He also has a new blank color; which he's calling buck. He was going to send me some pictures of the new blanks (he described the color as similar to the old Phillipson eponite blanks), but I haven't seen anything from him yet. It's the 8'0" 4 wt. that I'm interested in."
Mountainshark wrote "Pocono, you will not be disappointed in any of the TL Johnson rods. I have the 8' 5 wt, 7'6 4/5 wt, and 7' 4 wt, all of the rods cast great and have the look and feel of the high quality glass rod that they are. The work, service and knowledge that comes out of his shop is second to none. The 8' 5wt is one of my favorite rods when I hunt big fish, it performs like glass, but has power down deep in the butt section when it's needed. The 4 wt's are wonderful dry fly rods for the rivers and streams I fish here. So far, I have not had a single complaint from anyone who has used one. I'm not sure why some guys get hung up on the fact that there is graphite in the butt section. To me it seems like not buying a modern car because there is plastic parts on it."
PAULRITTEN wrote: "Mountainshark:..... I agree - his workmanship is second to none. I have been lucky enough to see in person his entire line of rods and he will soon be making me a graphite 7wt to replace a Winston that I just can't get comfortable with (although he doesn't know it yet...). His service is unbelievable as well - how many builders will hand deliver a rod to you after apologizing that it took 2 weeks instead of 1 to get your rod done (due to a family emergency I might add). Add to that the fact that his blanks are rolled in his own shop to tapers that I find outstanding, and what's not to like? When you compare his prices and rods to those of the big boys - no comparison in my mind. I'm sure Steffen and others are the same, but it seems like Terry gets overlooked a bit."

Well folks... that's just a teaser until I have all the details on his new products and redesigned lineup. If there were a picture of perfectionist in the "fly rod" dictionary, it would be of Terry. For now, though, you can salivate over what's currently available at Fly Fishing CRAZY.

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