Tuesday, January 19, 2010

T. L. Johnson Fly Rods are now available in Blanks

Want to have one of the finest fly rods in the World, but it's price is just a little out of your reach? Build your own!
T. L. Johnson Fly Rods are now available in blanks. The cost is half the finished fly rod price. That's right... You can buy his ($375 finished) Emerger 2 fly rod blanks for $187.50. Even if you use high end compontents, you can build it for under $300. His SLX fly rod blanks sell for $337.50 whereas a finished SLX costs $675. Again, finish it yourself for $450 - $500. The LX, LTS, LL, SL2 and SLP blanks are $337.50 also.
Don't be fooled by who makes their blanks in the U.S. and who doesn't. Unlike other manufacturers, Terry Johnson doesn't put his name on his import line. His Fish Creek fly rods are built overseas to his exacting specifications and are great casting and affordable, but are sold under the Fish Creek brand. If it has the T. L . Johnson name, you know the rods are made entirely in the U.S.A. Terry has his own shop where he builds all the blanks for his T. L. Johnson brand. His patented high-modulus graphite, using exclusive carbon helix uni-directional construction techniques, creates a blank with superior hoop strength as well as improved response. His exclusive ferruling system reduces section to section flat spots, swing weight and has a smoother load transfer. T.L. Johnson’s commitment to the highest quality is apparent in his entire collection.
Purchasing a T.L. Johnson fly rod buys you a certain exclusivity not available with the more popular U.S. brands.
Treat yourself to possibly the BEST fly rods Made in the U.S.A.

The quality of his rods are putting the fly fishing industry on notice. "Build it right or stay home."
This is T.L. Johnson country!

Contact me if you have any questions regarding availability.
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